Excel: Intro to Charts

Excel makes building basic charts easy.

Download sample data set here: ExcelCharts1

The Data

Our sample data set here is simple enough. We have 5 sensors (A,B,C,D,E) and one reading from each sensor.


Column Chart

Let’s start with a column chart. To create a column chart, first select (highlight) your data set and then go to Insert>Column Chart in the Ribbon Bar.


From the column chart options, I am going to pick the first 2D chart option



Once a chart is created, you will notice a new element – Chart Tools – in the Ribbon Bar.

The first thing I want you to explore is Chart Styles. Click on the different options and see what happens.


Next, let’s try changing the colors:


Now go to Add Chart Element

Go to Axis Titles>Primary Horizontal


Now click on the Axis Title and rename it.


Label this Axis “Sensors”


Now select Primary Vertical and name it “Readings”


Now to change the chart title. Click on the title:


Rename it “Sensor Readings”


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