Welcome to Analytics4All

Analytics4All is dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind Big Data and Analytics. The goal is to provide a plain spoken, accessible education in Analytics. Not everyone needs to strive for a PhD in machine learning to take advantage of the insights analytics can offer.

Each section in this site is designed to operate on its own. So if you are only concerned with learning Python, you can simply follow the lessons listed on the Python page. I would however, recommend anyone looking to pursue a career in analytics or data science to check out all the sections.

While the site is still evolving, my goal here is to offer at least a cursory overview of many of major concepts and software platforms you are likely to run across.

Got questions? Is there something you would like to see me cover? Feel free to reach out to me.

Thank You

Ben Larson

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  1. Alf Aldum

    Hi Ben Larson. Thank you very much for this wonderful website and valuable advice. I completed a B.Sc. in Statistics and Operations Research four decades ago … and and have been working on it ever since then. And still I am learning fresh valuable insights from Analytics4all. Think Analytics4all is more impressive than all the beautiful women on the internet. Thanks. Alf Aldum.

  2. Howdy Team, you have given an opportunity on “Welcome to Analytics4All”. Your explanation is about Big Data and Analytics and give some reference links which was given step by step. It was creative and new. Thanks for sharing your info!!!

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