1. R: An Introduction
  2. R: Data Types Tutorial
  3. R: Intro to Statistics – Central Tendency
  4. R: Create Functions in R
  5. R: Loops – For, While, Repeat
  6. R: seq() and rep()
  7. R: Vector operations
  8. R: Building Matrices
  9. R: Matrix Operations
  10. R: Working with lists
  11. R: Converting Factors to Numbers
  12. R: Working with Dataframes
  13. R: Filter Dataframes
  14. R: gsub
  15. R: Graphing with matplot()
  16. R: Installing Packages
  17. R: Installing Packages with Dependencies
  18. R: Intro to qplot()
  19. R: Intro to ggplot()
  20. R: ggplot – Histograms
  21. R: ggplot using facets
  22. R: Boxplot – comparing data
  23. R: ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  24. R: laply and ldply from plyr package
  25. R: Manually entering data
  26. R: Importing Excel Files
  27. R: Connecting to SQL Server Database
  28. R: Table() Function in R


  1. R: Simple Linear Regression

Machine Learning

  1. R: Decision Trees (Classification)
  2. R: Decision Trees (Regression)
  3. R: K-Means Clustering
  4. R: K-Means Clustering- Deciding how many clusters

Text Analytics

  1. R: Connect to Twitter with R
  2. R: Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  3. R: Creating a Word Cloud
  4. R: Text Mining (Term Document Matrix)
  5. R: Text Mining (Pre-processing)

R Shiny

  1. R Shiny: Introduction

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