Machine Learning

Supervised Vs Unsupervised Machine Learning

What is MLOps?

Supervised Machine Learning

  1. Linear Regression with Excel
  2. Logistic Regression with Gretl
  3. Python: Linear Regression
  4. Python: Logistic Regression
  5. Python: K Nearest Neighbor
  6. Python: Naive Bayes’
  7. R: Simple Linear Regression
  8. R: Decision Trees (Classification)
  9. R: Decision Trees (Regression)
  10. Python: Support Vector Machine (SVM)

Unsupervised Machine Learning

  1. Python: K Means Cluster
  2. Python: K Means Clustering Part 2
  3. R: K-Means Clustering
  4. R: K-Means Clustering- Deciding how many clusters

Evaluation Metrics

  1. Python: Confusion Matrix

Data Sets

  1. Where to find data sets

One thought on “Machine Learning

  1. Hector Alvaro Rojas

    Thanks Michael for this post!

    Great material!

    Anyway, try not using Excel for data analysis or data management.
    Excel is a pain ….. by the time we start playing with different dataset formatting. R-project is a wonderful solution or data management platforms like MySQL or SQLite.

    Great work anyway!

    I will be your friend from now on, well if you let me, of course!



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