Excel: SUMIF() and COUNTIF()


Download Practice Excel File Here: Conditional Formula


SumIf is a handy Excel function to have in your tool box. It is basically a combination of SUM() and IF(). What it is saying is, SUM up all numbers in a range that meet certain condition.

The syntax is as follows:

=SUMIF(range, criteria, [sum_range])

Range = range of numbers you want to test the criteria against

Criteria = the logical test (is the data in the range =, >, < a value)

[sum_range] = this is an optional value. It tells Excel which cells to add. If you don’t use this value, Excel automatic defaults to the first Range



CountIF counts the number of cells that meet a certain criteria.

Syntax is similar to SUMIF():

=COUNTIF(range, criteria)

** Note this example uses wildcards – symbols that can be used in place of any symbol. In Excel, the two most popular wildcards are * and ?. ? can be used in place of one character (B?d = Bad, but B?d <> Bead). * can be used in place of many characters. B* = Brain and B*d = Bead)


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