MS Access: Use comparison operators and dates in queries

This tutorial was created as supplemental material for my undergrad course in database design. You can find the full course here: Course

For this example, I want to create a new table. I have attached an Excel file below that you can download.

From access: External Data> New Data Source > From File > Excel

Check First Row Contains Column Headings and click Next

You can change the data types of the column, but I am just leaving them as is.. click next

Let Access add primary key > click next

Name your table and hit finish

Now if you click on the Employee table in the table list on the left you will see the results

Comparison Operators

Comparison operators are the symbols that let us check if something is equal to, greater than, less than, etc

Lets create a query using comparison operators

Click on Create > Query Design

Drag the Employee table into the query workspace

Add all the fields below and in the Criteria spot for Age, put >40

Right click the Query Tab and click Datasheet View

You can now see the results with employees only over the age of 40

Play around with it, try less than 40, >= or <=, just try some different queries

Also remember, you can right click on Query1 tab and select SQL View to see the SQL code that runs the query

You can also use Between to select Criteria- Below will return everyone aged between 30 and 45


Now lets try querying dates

When working with dates, you need to put #’s before and after the date. If your Access is set to USA settings, we go MM/DD/YYYY, European (and most of the rest of the world) goes DD/MM/YYYY

The below query will return employees hired after Jan 1 2010

And here are the results

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