MS Access: Intro to Queries

Queries are how you search and return data from a database. In this example we will be using data loaded into Access from my first two Access Lessons:

If you have the tables loaded, lets move onto the Query Wizard. Click on Create then Query Wizard

Select Simple Query Wizard and Okay

Select Kmeans as your table

Select the >> to move all the fields over to Selected Fields Window

Hit Next > Leave Detail selected and hit Next

You can title your query if you want. Then hit finish

Your results with now appear

Right click on your query in the side bar and select Design View

Filtering Query

With Design View open, lets uncheck the ID column and in the Criteria Spot under Model, type in “IE33” with quote marks

Now click on your query in the left bar and your results with appear

Right click query and go back to designer. Change “IE33” under Model to “A*” (* are wildcards meaning return anything that starts with A

Double click Kmeans Query and view results

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