Python Web Scraping: Get http code easily with the Requests module

The Requests module for Python makes capturing and working with HTML code from any website.

Requests comes installed in many of the Python distributions, you can test if it is installed on yours machine by running the command: import requests

If that command fails, then you’ll need to install the module using Conda or Pip

import requests
t = requests.get('')

As you can see, using just 3 lines of code you can return the HTML from any website

You can see that all the text found on the web page is found in the HTML code, so parsing through the text can allow you to scrape the information off of a website

Requests has plenty more features, here are couple I use commonly

t.status_code == returns the status of your get request. If all goes well, it will return 200, otherwise you will get error codes like 404


You can also extract your results into json


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