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Python: Rename Pandas Dataframe Columns


Renaming columns is easy using pandas, first lets build a quick dataframe:

import pandas as pd
x= {'Job Title' :['Manager', 'Tech', 'Supervisor'],
    'Employee' : ['Jill', 'Will', 'Phil']}

df = pd.DataFrame(x)

now to rename, we have a few options

df.rename(columns={'oldName1': 'newName1', 'oldName2': 'newName2'}, inplace=True)
#or you can move it to a new dataframe if you want to keep the original intact
df1 = df.rename(columns={'oldName1': 'newName1', 'oldName2': 'newName2'})
#note I left off the inplace=True argument on the second since I didn't want to 
#overwrite the original

Here are a few other ways to do it, each will give you the same results

df2 = df.rename({'Job Title': 'Job_title', 'Employee': 'Emp'}, axis=1)  
df3 = df.rename({'Job Title': 'Job_title', 'Employee': 'Emp'}, axis='columns')
df4 = df.rename(columns={'Job Title': 'Job_title', 'Employee': 'Emp'})   

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