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Python for Data Science


Welcome to Python for Data Science, my free course that will take you from complete beginner to being able to build a machine learning model. The course will consist of 4 modules, the first one: Fundamentals is a available now. Each lesson contains a write up as well as a video. There is over an hour of videos for the Fundamentals Module.

Each module will also also contain some projects: some are simple challenges while the later projects will require you to build a ML model and test it.

The code for each lesson and project solutions are available to download below each module.

If you are working from your phone/tablet or work computer where you can’t install Python, I have a browser based Python console you can work with here:

Python testing shell


  1. Python: Install Python and Hello World
  2. Python: Arithmetic Operations and Variables
  3. Python: Print Variables and User Input
  4. Python: Printing with .format()
  5. Python: Lists and Dictionaries
  6. Python: Working with Lists
  7. Python: Working with Dictionaries
    1. Project 1: Lists and Dictionaries
  8. Python: Tuples and Sets
  9. Python Conditional Logic
  10. Python Loops
  11. Python Functions
    1. Project 2: Loops and Conditional Logic
  12. Python: Enumerate() and Sort
  13. Python: Error handling
  14. Python lambda, map(), reduce(), filter()
  15. Python zip and unpack
  16. Python list comprehensions
  17. Python: Generators
  18. Python: Regular Expressions
  19. Python: **Kwargs and *Args
    1. Project 3: Cash Register
  20. Python: Closures (Bonus)
  21. Python: Decorators (Bonus)

Download Fundamental lesson Notebooks and Project solutions:

Data Handling / Management

  1. Create, Import, and Use Modules
  2. Numpy
  3. Numpy Part II
  4. Pandas (Series)
  5. Pandas (DataFrame)
  6. Pandas: Working with DataFrames
  7. Pandas: Renaming a Column
  8. Pandas: Working with Rows in DataFrames
  9. Working with CSV Files
  10. Working with Excel and CSV files using Pandas
  11. Pivot tables with Pandas
  12. An Interesting Problem with Pandas
  13. Connect to a MySQL database
    1. Connect to a SQL Server Database

coming soon

Statistics and Visualizations

coming soon

Machine Learning

coming soon

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