Visualization Tutorials


  1. Excel: Intro to Charts
  2. Excel: Scatter Plots
  3. Excel: Charts, Customizing Which Columns You Want to Chart


  1. Python: Intro to Graphs
  2. Python: Line Graph
  3. Python: Histograms and Frequency Distribution
  4. Python: Create a Box whisker plot


  1. R: Graphing with matplot()
  2. R: Intro to qplot()
  3. R: Intro to ggplot()
  4. R: ggplot – Histograms
  5. R: ggplot using facets


Tableau is a leading data visualization tool. It consistently lands in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a leader in BI tools.

  1. Intro to Tableau: Line and Bar Charts
  2. Intro to Tableau: Dual Axis
  3. Intro to Tableau: 3 or More Measures

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