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About Me

My name is Benjamin Larson. I am a data geek with a passion for statistics and data visualizations. By profession, I am a Data Scientist for Verizon Wireless. I started my career as a Biomedical Engineering Technician (a trade I picked up during a stint in the Army), but quickly found myself drifting to the dark side (IT). After becoming a database administrator, I moved on to the role of Medical Informatics Specialist.

Of all the aspects of biomedical engineering and healthcare IT, nothing drew my interest quite as much databases. I was fascinated with how much data hospitals were collecting. I knew we could use this information to improve patient care.

So I went back to school, got a Master’s degree in Analytics from Villanova and a PhD in Decision Science from Capitol Technology University.

My goal in creating this site is to help everyone take advantage of insights data analysis can provide. This is not a doctoral project. I am not trying to reach statisticians and  machine learning experts. I am trying to reach the business user, the teacher, the small business owner. So to that end, I am sacrificing some of the technical in favor of easier understanding.

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